Curated Links (Niche Edits)

Niche edits AKA link insertion or curated links are the most powerful and natural in-content links from existing and aged posts on quality blogs.

What exactly are Curated Links (Niche Edits)?

Curated Links or link insertion, also known as niche edits, involves inserting desired links into already published high-quality posts or web pages. Curated Links refer to those links which have been placed in content that already exists on the internet, that content has already been indexed by search engines E.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo.


Search engines prefer old and high-performing content, so there are more chances for your link to get the place in higher rankings if you put your link in an existing article and there are more chances to get original traffic. This method costs you less than any other link-building method and will give you potential traffic.

Benefits of Choosing PremiumSEOFirm For Curated Link Building?


Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with more than 55000+ real, and quality blogs with various niches, where we can place your backlinks in existing desired content.


Once you are committed to getting backlinks from the existing aged, high-quality article then we’ll send you dozens of blogs in your relevant niche so you can choose a perfect blog for your link.


After that when you’ve picked your desired article where you want to place your link then one of our outreach managers starts work with the owner of that chosen blog for getting backlinks from the exact content.

No PBN, No Spam!

All the websites are with real traffic and search engine rankings, owned and run by real people, We dont work with PBNs!


We run every campaign 100% customized and natural. So, our every campaign fulfills client's need and maximize the chances to get more biz.


You approve every blog, and you choose the content, even you can choose the exact anchor text where you want to place your backlink.

100% Money Back

We never put your business in risk by doing bad practices. 100% money-back guarantee means that you can enjoy all our premium services completely risk-free!

Top-performing Indexed Posts

One of the main challenges with guest posting is that you aren’t sure how much time the post will take to build authority. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to achieve desired results by guest posting. On the other hand Niche Edits (Curated Links) eliminate any doubts by placing your links within the piece of content that’s already on search engines and performing well. Here is good news for you that we have built strong relationships with the owners of thousands of such blogs.

Top-Performing Indexed Posts
No Shady Tactic

No Shady Tactics

In the link-building industry, there are more fraud people as compared to reliable and trustworthy companies or persons. People have even built attractive websites and purchased dozens of fake reviews to appear legitimate. Only when you fail to achieve any positive results from the links you have bought from that kind of companies you realize that you’ve been scammed!


Our Curated Links or Niche Edits service is the perfect alternative in the face of such adversity. Besides providing clients with complete metrics of the selected blogs, you also get the opportunity to review the site’s social profile before link insertion starts. So there is no risk at all.

Higher ROI

As guest posting and blogger outreach campaigns cost you more compared to curated link building. We are talking about inserting a link into an already published and indexed article link insertion cost dramatically drops, you can say it’ll charge you nearly half of what a guest post would cost. Because of the low investment, you can rest assured that the curated link-building campaign will deliver a higher return on your investment (ROI).

Higher ROI​

How Niche Editing works?

Niche Editing or curated link-building is accomplished in 3 simple steps, with the client involved at every single step of the process.

1- Input Information​

In the 1st step, the client provides us the link (URL) and anchor text they need to be placed in the desired content. Depending on your marketing needs and budget, you can provide more than one URL with anchor texts.

2- Review & Selection

Here, our professional team carefully looks at your goals & aims to find completely relevant blogs. After finding the relevant blogs that can fulfill your marketing needs, then we’ll send blogs to you for review and you’ll send us back your chosen blogs.

3- Publishing & Reporting

In the 3rd and final step, Once you’ve chosen a blog or blogs that fulfill your needs, our blogger outreach expert team will work on those blogs to get your links placed on your selected piece of content and will provide a brief report of your curated link-building campaign.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Here in the FAQs section you can get answers to the questions most often asked about our services and process. We have provided this basic information about guest posting for our clients who are getting links through guest posting for the first time. If you want to ask any question which is not mentioned here, don’t worry, you can contact us at our email or instant website chat so you can speak directly to one of our knowledgeable team members.


We encourage you to use what you would like. Our outreach team is always on standby to work with webmasters and make adjustments to the existing content so everything fits in.

You can ask us which keywords will most likely help with Search Engine Optimization. Just let us know.

When you pre-select blog posts to link to, we make sure that your curated links are approved as well. You can instruct us to handle this part on your behalf when you pre-approve the blog post in advance.

Links typically stay on the site for a short period of time, but there is guarantee they will remain in place for at least one year. If your link gets removed, you will be offered either a replacement or a refund. We can typically accommodate most situations within 24 hours.

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